Trailor Hire

Many people choose to hire a trailer as a cost effective alternative to purchasing one. This is mainly because a trailer is generally only needed for certain parts of the year, or occasional use. Secondly, if you purchase a trailer, you become responsible for all associated costs such as MOTs, servicing, tires, insurance, maintenance and so on. There are many different types of trailers available such as car transporters, horse boxes, flatbed trailers, livestock trailers, exhibition trailers, catering trailers, toilet block trailers, soft play centre trailers and many, many more.

Where Can I Find A Trailer Hire Company?

There are literally hundreds of companies across the United Kingdom that offer trailer hire. Some specialise in only one kind of trailers, others offer a whole host of different trailers. If you are looking for a trailer hire company, you may find it very useful to speak to members of your family, friends, community members, colleagues, local farmers or anyone else who may have used trailer hire services in the past. They would be able to provide you with some trusted recommendations on which companies are good and which ones are not so good, of course.

Some companies you may want to take into consideration are:

Acorn Caravan and Trailer Hire, based in Reading this company specialises in trailers for camping and caravanning.

Southern Trailers based in Alton, Hampshire offers trailer hire for camping trailers, car transporters, flatbed trailers, motorbike trailers, van trailers, plant trailers, horse trailers and goods trailers.

Trail Tek, based in Winchester, Hampshire, specialise in an incredible array of different trailers at low cost prices.

Tow Master, specialise in custom trailer hire, such as exhibition trailers and catering trailers.

Estimated Costs of Trailer Hire

The cost of trailer hire will vary greatly depending on a number of things including:

The company you choose - prices will vary from company to company, although they do all try to remain competitive of course.

Whether or not you are able to pick up your trailer will have an influence, as you may incur a delivery charge.

The type of trailer you require will naturally make the cost vary greatly. As an example, one of the cheaper trailers around is a camping trailer, which should cost you no more than around £15 per day. A large tipper trailer, however, could cost as much as £50 per day.

Lastly, the length of time you require your trailer hire for will also influence the price, as many companies offer reduced rates for longer term hire. The same trailers mentioned earlier would cost you £60 and £235 per week, which is much better value for money.

So, finding a trailer hire company should not take you too long as there are so many for you to choose from. Finding a trailer hire company that specialises in the type of trailer that you require may be beneficial, as the knowledge of the company’s employees will be more specific to your needs. Remember that there are a lot of factors influencing the price of trailer hire.


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