Types Of Trailer Hire

Hiring a trailer is generally a much cheaper option than owning one outright.  If you own a trailer, you are responsible for all associated costs, such as MOTs, servicing, tyres, maintenance, insurance and so on.  Furthermore, a trailer is generally only used for certain parts of the year, meaning that you are paying for a machine that is not in use.  There are many different types of trailer hire, some are long term, some are short term and there are many different types of trailers, such as exhibition trailers, car transporters, dog trailers, horse boxes, Jet Ski trailers, toilet block trailers and so on.

Where Can I Find a Trailer Hire Company?

There are many companies in the United Kingdom offering different types of trailer hire.  Some specialise in a specific kind of trailer, others offer an array of all the different kinds.  Some companies specialise in long term hire, others only offer hourly types of trailer hire.  This is particularly true for dog and child trailers, for example, which are attached to the back of a bicycle.

If you are looking for trailer hire, speaking to someone who has used different types of trailer hire in the past could be a great idea to give you some good pointers on which companies you should deal with, and which companies you should stay away from.  Many people have used different types of trailer hire, so speaking to some friends or members of your family could really help you along the way.  You could also consider speaking to local farmers or business owners for example.

Some companies in the United Kingdom that offer types of trailer hire that you could consider are:

  • I for Hire, specialising in horse box trailers.
  • Acorn Caravan and Trailer Hire, based in Reading, who specialise in different types of trailer hire specifically focusing on camping trailers.
  • Southern Trailers, based in Alton, who offer many different types of trailer hire, both for long and short term hire.

Estimated Costs of the Types of Trailer Hire

As there are so many different types of trailer hire, the prices will vary greatly.  Generally, a small trailer will be cheaper than a larger trailer, of course.  However, most companies do offer discounted rates for longer term hire.  For example, a dog trailer that is attached to the back of your bicycle should cost around £5 per hour with no more than £15 for a full day.  A small domestic trailer should cost you around £20 per day, or around £100 for a full week.  It is important to remember that many companies will ask you to pay a deposit as well, which generally ranges from anywhere between £20 and £200.  Of course, this is fully refundable on the safe return of your trailer.

So, if you are looking at different types of trailer hire, you should have no difficulty finding a company anywhere in the United Kingdom that meets all your needs, requirements and your budget of course.


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